Friday, July 31, 2009

tequila fixes everything

(comic via xkcd!)

the boy comes home today! i actually brought D's cell phone to work with me today in case he gets into town early, but i bet we won't see him until early evening. i have a million questions i want to ask him, but need to remind myself he's 15 and probably doesn't want to be poked too much. i'll ask him how it was and give him a day or so to relax and watch tv and sleep in, then i'll start with the harassment! i hope he had a good time. we're all looking forward to seeing him, even his little sister. for siblings, they get along really well, and i know she's missed having him around. it's not that she doesn't enjoy having her run of the place, but they do hang out quite a bit and i know she's been lonely.
D's been working a lot, and his schedule is pretty much the opposite of mine. on a good day i'm home at five, but he goes into work at 5:15. the past few days i haven't seen him more than half an hour here and there. it sucks, but i understand. work for him has been slow, and he's been feeling stressed out about money, so while it's busy and the tips are good he should rack up as many hours as possible. i know it's not forever, too, and honestly, because i only work four days a week i have three days that can accomodate his schedule easily. it is weird to not see him, though. especially considering we live together! he did get up this morning before me, though, and made a pot of coffee, which was sweet. we're also both trying to save a bit up before august (tomorrow, jeez!) because we're doing a lot of camping. got to sock away some money somehow!
i'm taking the kids and D to see my mom this weekend. my niece will be there, as well as my sister's mother-in-law. the past few times i've gone to the island it's been just me; it will be nice to bring everyone along this time. mom's been a bit lonely lately, which i suppose is to be expected. it still sucks, but it's probably an ordinary reaction. the kids and D love the island, and the girlchild and maggie get along really well. maggie runs all over asking where her friend is, telling her friend what to do, and hugging on M in between bossing her around. she's a sweet little dictator, even if she is a bit pushy! my mom finds nothing more satisfying than feeding the boychild; she went out and stocked up on hotdogs and chips and "real" soda for him. it's cute. i hope the weather stays nice but maybe isn't so hot-as-hades. we're doing a family day at D's folks house tomorrow, so it's going to be a weekend of grilling and eating and driving. it makes me glad i have three days off, so i can use monday to recover from all the hot dogs.

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