Wednesday, July 15, 2009

so. much. room.

haven't i been a quiet little blogger lately. our roommate is officially all the way moved out, and the kids have moved their bedrooms around. the boy got the biggest room, the girl the medium, and i now have her little bedroom. we had a huge folding table in the bedroom/garage (which is where D and i have our loft bed, shelves, and the washer and drier), but i moved that into the little room. we also have our sewing machines in here, my laptop, my dresser, and baskets of yarn and crafty stuff. i ordered some oilcloth for a tablecloth, and because our walls are weird and the landlord stranger (no new holes in the wall!), i affixed some sticky hooks to the wall and strung up some picture wire so i could hang up some postcards and photos with clothespins. it's not all the way set up, but it's coming together and comfortable to hang out in. last night the boychik and i did some knitting and listening to pseudopod together in there. it was fun. once i get it all the way set up, with the table covered and some chairs in here, we can do all sorts of crafty stuff! everyone's pretty excited about that.

i got an accidental day off today. we only had one scan scheduled today and it cancelled, so i'm home goofing around. i need to go to the post office, i want to do a little cleaning and organizing, i want to work on some socks for D and i'm reading good omens (which is delightful). it's a pretty happy summer day, i'm glad for the day off. there's still a lot of work to be done in our bedroom. without the table in there it seems huge. everytime i walk in i say "we have so much room for activities in here!" just like the boys in step brothers say. it's nice to have the whole house to ourselves, and i like having a little space to work on. it feels good to have a spot to listen to the radio and knit in (or draw, or sew, or whatever).

ooh! and good news! last week i talked to the head of radiology (who is my de-facto daily boss at the hospital) and found out that i can wear scrubs to work. whoo! scrubs are like pajamas you get to wear in public. i ordered some last week with some of the xray techs, and later this week they should show up. i'm pretty stoked about wearing something so comfy and easy to take care of on a daily basis. a scrub is like the perfect uniform; they come in just enough variety and colors to make them personal, but are made out of easy-to-care for fabric, and cut in such a way that even at a girl's most bloated, she still feels awesome. i can hardly wait for them to show up. i also won a seriously cute pair of dansko's on ebay, so for the first time i'll look like the other girls at work, albeit with less medical training. hooray for scrubs!


ana said...

small plug, but if you like postcards, you should try postcrossing :) glad you're happy with the new place and the new life!

Tonya said...

You sound so happy, Amanda. It's great to see your life clicking!

Anne said...

hey, I forgot, but I need a book for my book club. We just finished Omnivore's Dilemma and are looking for something a little more summery, but with some substance. Any suggestions?