Wednesday, July 29, 2009

internet hunting

found today via boing boing (which is where i find a lot of stuff, internet gods be praised!), tor. tor is all sci-fi, all the time. they write about books and movies and games, publish stories, point you toward all sorts of sci-fi goodness. lately, as in the past few years, i've gotten back in touch with my sci-fi roots. as a kid i would read any and everything, without any self-consciousness. in college, i still read a ton, but found i hid certain things i read. sci-fi became my guilty little secret. then for a while i found myself hanging out with people who thought reading any kind of fiction was some sort of disgrace to the noble cause, and i probably read more non-fiction books then than i wanted to. i like non-fiction books, don't get me wrong, but sometimes i want to dive into a juicy story that's brand new, that isn't confined by facts. i already read a few stories on tor that were great, and i can't wait to see what else they serve up.

now that i'm "out" about my love of sci-fi, speculative and even (the teenager in me rolls her eyes) fantasy writing, i'm finding all sorts of awesome things to read, watch or listen to. i'm sure i've mentioned it before, but i LOVE pseudopod. i enjoy their sister podcast, escape pod, as well. i've been gobbling up neil gaiman books like candy, which are delightful and don't fall into any one neat category easily. the boychik has recommended dresden books enough and with such enthusiam that i just picked up the first of that from the library. (early verdict? i was totally bummed i forgot it at home today. seriously.) in keeping with the absurdist and fantastical theme i've been watching nothing but mighty boosh and spaced. i've been lamenting that i can't watch the big torchwood mini-series that's going on right now. so much to watch! so much to read!

it feels great sometimes when the internet yeilds such bounty! sure, the interwebs are mostly filled with pervs and porn and spam, but the good bits are really, seriously good. if you enjoy sci-fi at all, you should go check out tor. it's great. i'll have a review of anansi boys up soon, as well. it was a rollicking good time, and if you're even remotely interested i'd say pick it up. in a nutshell, you know. (wink)

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Jen said...

I love Torchwood too!!!