Saturday, July 04, 2009

today's menu

here is my revised plan,
  • shrimp pasta salad. this is my mom's recipe, and it involves tiny canned shrimps, cucumbers, onions, and elbow pasta. it's great.
  • cherry jello poke cake with cool-whip frosting. i know, i know, it's totally white trash, but it's soooo good. plus, i always make it on the fourth because it looks so damn cool when you cut into it.
  • nibbles including but not limited to; cheese and crackers, spicy pickled veggies, various crudite and tiny sausages.
  • onion dip and chips.
nothing too huge or fancy, in fact, it's really all just glorified nibbles. it's the kind of food that you can wander in and out of the house eating, and no one has to sit down or take it too seriously. which is exactly how i like a holiday to be!

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