Monday, January 16, 2006


this is what a nerd i am: tonight's conundrum was the following--knitting group or the new lincoln special on the history channel.* knitting won, but only because i determined that the lincoln special was being replayed this weekend and i would still get to see half of it tonight. oh, and the girls at the knitting group rule and i realized i shouldn't miss out on actual human interaction to watch a show on television, even if was about lincoln, and even if gore vidal is going to be all over it.

*they should change the name of the history channel to the bible channel because lately all they show are docu-dramas about bilbical figures. i get it, you're trying to make the bible a historical document, but really? it can't be done. you can show the history of the time it was written, but you'll never make it science or actual history. it's literature. the end.


Anne said...

ooh, risky auntie A!

snowballinhell said...

And to think I was vegetating and trying to use photosynthesis to shake off a bad tummy. I shoulda been watching Lincoln! Damn it, I'd better Tivo it this weekend.