Wednesday, January 11, 2006


this place just gets more and more stupid. the head of the accounting department for denver (which is our state headquarters) just resigned today! here is a short breakdown as to how this might affect me:

  • the plan has been to move the AP department from here to the denver office, but now without a leader that plan is on hold.
  • this means i might be kept on this department.
  • this could also mean everything is cut, and soon.
  • when management starts bailing, you know things aren't good.

everyone is all in a panic, wondering what the hell this will mean, whether or not they'll move us or keep us, and who they'll get to take over that job. the head of our department had to rush to denver for an emergency meeting! fun stuff.

oh, the clusterfuck of it all. i was offered anther job today, but for a whole $4 less an hour. my plan right now is to stay here as long as i can, working as little as possible and getting by on my charm and wit. that should be workable, right? i mean, i'm not a third as incompetant as the other jerks around here, so even doing little to nothing might even get me promoted. or fired. you can never tell here...

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snowballinhell said...

Well, at least if you jump through their absurd hoops, you can still get some severance pay when they go belly-up!