Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i' ve got to stop being such an ass

i know there are only two days left, but i promise not to bitch about my stupid job for the rest of the week. whiny does not suit me. besides, hating a dumbass temp job is so predictable. if i'm going to be fussy about something, it should be something worthwhile.

i haven't had a cigarette all year. true, it's only day eleven, but i realized that today. i don't smoke that much anymore to start with, but it's kind of really fun to say, "i haven't had a cigarette all year." it feels like an accomplishment, albeit an accidental one.

i feel real hermit-y, so tonight i think i'm going to write some letters and read some comics. i need to get my thank-you notes for christmas done, as well.

one more thing, have i told you lately how much i love the public library? i found some tom waits tonight, and a best of motown cd that's heavy on the jackson 5. and it's all free. i love free.

confidential to chelsea: um, i'm in love with my chemical romance too. although i feel better about this crush than the one i have with fall out boy because at least my chemical romance wears eyeliner. that makes me feel okay about it.

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