Wednesday, January 25, 2006

yesterday you couldn't shut me up

today? i've started this post about five times already.

um...i had an interview today. blah. i have another tomorrow. work is boring. b-o-r-i-n-g. i looked at technical schools today. that surprises even me. the more i think about it, the more i think, "why not?" i don't consider myself to be math-smart, or even very techno-savvy, but i do spend a lot of time on computers. i do like playing with them and seeing how they work. i like the idea of using computers to do creative stuff, i like merging artistic and practical. also, everyone uses them and if i got a basic associate degree i could work in just about any IT department doing help desk type stuff. i sort of like the sound of that. i've thought about it for the past few weeks, and figure getting an information packet can't hurt.

i took a nap today. which wouldn't be so note-worthy except dude it's been months since i fell asleep without fighting it, especially in the middle of the day. of course the one day i take a nap i get an email invitation to a party that i ended up sleeping through. rock! sleep, you fickle thing. i would shake my little fist at you, but i am too busy trying to figure out how to make myself tired again so i can sleep through the night.

i saw ham on the street again, and chew, he's got two moles. two is not that many and they are not big or hairy, and i don't know, for some reason i want to make out with him. especially considering he made coffee flavored rice crispy treats. then again, he is losing his hair and i grew up surrounded by men with great hair so no hair freaks me out a little. shallow? yes. but also true.

and on a final nerdy note, they are making this american life into a show for showtime. i feel conflicted by this; on one hand i love this american life and want more of it and getting to see more of the love of my life, ira glass, would rule, but we all know i fear change. my hope is that it's enough like the original in that the stories are good and well-told, but different enough to make it feel like it's own entity. and that it comes out on dvd because lord knows i'm not paying for showtime.

p.s. i got a picture of maggie! want to see it? email me.

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wixlet said...

i shall come back with a not-non-sequitor comment later today or tomorrow. i foolishly took yesterday off and am now swamped.