Sunday, January 15, 2006

things i shouldn't do

  1. no matter how cheap some things are at the dollar store compared to any other store on earth, i shouldn't be allowed to go in one alone. for some unexplainable reason they depress the hell out of me, and i leave feeling awful, like i cheated someone. today i went because i needed hangers and some of those awful hair claws (i need them in the shower. i know, i know, i'm very picky about my hair, but i have to pull it up and out of the way when i shower or else the conditioner washes out too early. seriously.), and i hate paying more than a dollar for them.
  2. i should also not be allowed to go into art supply stores all by myself, because buying art supplies makes me feel like an asshole. why? i mean, i use them, and i'm not much of an asshole in my everyday life, but for some reason being in art supply stores and buying brushes and paints makes me feel like a pretentious ass. i am too self-conscious for my own good sometimes.
  3. don't let me watch television shows about tattoo artists and shops, either. it just makes me want a new tattoo real bad. also, i have a crush on yoji. he's just so damn cute! if i can't have a new tattoo, can i date a boy who's a tattoo artist?
one more thing; yesterday at the movie theater the girl who got me my soda was super excited about my name-tag patch. getting a compliment from a teenage girl is like the greatest thing ever. i know how i was at that age, and hearing her tell me she liked it made me feel like a rockstar. i am so easy to please.


Tera said...

i kinda like ami myself... i have a few and want more SO bad!! i have been watcing WAY too much, and do not forsee the end tonite. please tell me it won't end!! (and how bad do you want an authentic Hawaiian tatoo?!?!?)

milk and cake said...

ami is pretty cute, i will admit, but he reminds me a lot of a neighbor i used to have. that makes me feel funny, so i cannot crush on him. plus, this makes me real shallow but i prefer men with hair. having dated a few bald/balding men and not liking the experience so much has made me steer clear of men without hair!

Sharyn said...

This is why we don't have cable. I would totally get sucked into shows like that. But Yoji does indeed look quite hot. Also, I'll admit it...I love getting compliments from my teenaged step-nieces.

Anonymous said...

Hi Love. Kill your link to drunksocks. It is dead. I am anonymous again.