Tuesday, January 10, 2006

pee for you and me

be glad i didn't take a photo of it with the pee inside. although to be honest, my pee was real pretty. light golden and sparkly!

they let me bring my purse into the bathroom, which was a first for me. normally they make you lock your stuff and they check your pockets to make sure you aren't smuggling in clean pee. i really wished i'd had some goat pee in my purse at that moment, because that would have made for an interesting test result. as it was, i only had a camera in there so all i could do was take this fuzzy photo. (did i just talk about pee too much? are you all peed out?)

after putting my urine in a cheap plastic cup, i thought it was time to do a little something for me. my black glasses needed one of those nose-thingies because one broke and the metal against my nose was making me crazy. i saw a glasses place, and thought now was as good a time as any to get it fixes. while i was there i also had an eye exam, and tried on some new glasses. i liked these a lot, but i couldn't really see myself in them. i took a picture so i could look at them with my glasses on, but didn't buy them. instead i had new lenses put in my brown frames, i'll wait to get new glasses. it might be prudent to do that after i know for sure what my employment situation is and how much i'll be making. while the place i went to had reasonable prices on eye exams and lenses, they weren't giving the frames away, either. now that i have my prescription, i can look around. i do like the shape and color of these, though. what do you think?

p.s. how do i make my links less gap-y? do you know?


Anne said...

I like them very much

Will said...

I'm no glasses expert, having never needed to wear them myself. But I'd say that those glasses look really nice.

(And I'm not sure what you mean by "gap-y," but even if I did I probably wouldn't be able to help, since I haven't used Blogger in exactly two years. Sorry.)

Anonymous said...

those are some nice glasses. i think you should get 'em.

Joe said...

Nice glasses! Thanks for not showing us your pee.

Stacey said...

The glasses look great. You have beautiful eyes, and these play them up. Get 'em!