Saturday, January 14, 2006


yesterday for about four or five hours i couldn't get in touch with my sister. i tried her cell phone, i tried her home phone, i emailed and text-messaged her. she was nowhere to be found. i immediately decided that i couldn't find her because she was obviously giving birth to my niece somewhere. i called mom to see if she'd talked to my sister and she said she hadn't, and that she doubted my sister was in labor. "she'll call us when it happens." i thought, "well, yeah, but maybe not. maybe she's waiting until she's closer..."

turns out my sister was just taking a nap, and when i did get her on the phone she told me not to worry, she wouldn't have the baby without telling me. "what kind of sister do you think i am? of course i'll call you." by that time, though, i'd gotten a hold of my brother in law and harassed him, and gotten his number too just in case. i don't want to take any chances, if i can't be there physically, i want to at least be there on the phone.

tomorrow is technically her due date. all the babies in my family have been late (my sister and i by almost a month each), but my sister's already effaced and beginning to dilate. baby's ready, my sister's ready, and moreover, i'm ready. well, mostly ready. i still have a few onesies that need some work done to them, which i should do this weekend. i predict baby will show up sometime next week. until she does, i'm gluing the cell phone to my body.
these are the onesies i made her today. i love the black onesies, but i hate working on them. you can't make a transfer for dark colors, you have to draw it on with a chalk pencil and hope it doesn't rub off before you're done. it's a huge pain in the ass, but the results are so cute i shouldn't complain.

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