Tuesday, January 17, 2006

my roommates have food poisoning

which sort of puts my shitty little life into perspective. yes, i hate my job, but i'm not hurling up massive amounts of fish from last night, so i'm going to be thankful for teensy mercies.

i told the temp agency that i want out. they seemed surprised, which is funny considering i've been very upfront with my issues at this place. it's just a real uncomfortable work environment, with no one knowing from one day to the next what they do, what they will be doing, who's in charge or whether or not they'll have a job next week. it's tense on good days. i don't care how much they pay. if you work for money you end up miserable, and if you work for money you make your commie parents cry. how can i be a good commie/hippy/pinko role-model for my new niece and nephews if i work just for the cash?!

what's funny is that the moment i decided "no!" i got a call about another job. this one is part time (four days a week) but the perfect hours for me: 11-7. i'm going to apply for that and see what happens. not working five days a week will mean making less money but will also mean three days off a week and more time for me to goof off. i feel a bit guilty going for a job that isn't forty hours a week, but i don't really have that much in the way of expenses so what the hell? let's do it!

i'm watching rex the runt sort of out of the corner of my eye while i work on some stuff i sold to australia. dude, australia. that's real far away. selling stuff there makes me feel all sorts of cosmopolitan.

p.s. my sister is thinking about not using the name for baby that she's already picked out. she doesn't really like it, it's just the one that she and my brother-in-law can agree on. personally, i thought the name was a bit snobby, and am relieved that it's not set in stone. the new name is super-ultra-cute and i'll tell you what it is after baby shows up. i don't want to jinx it!


marielle said...

Sending good thoughts your way for that part-time job - working part-time RULES, if you can make enough to get by. No need to feel guilty!

Anne said...

Good Luck in your interview! I think 32 hours should be the new full-time. All the commie-hippie-pinkos think so...

Sharyn said...

Dude, I totally agree with Anne. 32 hours/week is plenty. Good luck!