Friday, January 13, 2006

motivation, where you are?

probably wherever my bosses might be at the moment. having the day free of anyone in charge kicks ass. of course, it means i'm not getting as much done as i should be, but i'm having a good time.

also, did you know today is the day in 1938 that the church of england accepted the theory of evolution? and here in the states we're still trying to teach "intelligent design." oh my, we really are the hicks of the world, aren't we? this morning on NPR i heard a woman with a thick southern accent saying she didn't care what they taught in schools as long as it was "god created man and we don't come from monkeys." look, i think intelligent design is a total crock of shit, but portraying followers of it as only back-woods southerners i think hurts us more than helps us. reducing the people who disagree with evolutionary theory to caricatures of hillbillies implies that they aren't a threat to scientific thought and progress. while i think that anyone who refuses to see the merit of the theory of evolution and instead believes in pseudo-science biblical thought is totally, completely, 100% retarded and stupid, i realize as well that those people vote, have jobs, and families and are more than capable of influencing school curricula and political process. i want to believe in science they way the believe in god, and that scientists will triumph over imbeciles, i'm telling you that the people who believe in intelligent design are a stubborn bunch of assclowns who will do everything they can to push their beliefs on the rest of us. they'll do it with their dollars, their votes, and their kids. for crying out loud, our moron of a president thinks intelligent design is "science," you think we aren't in danger? we are. hillbillies or not, we need to be alert and aware of their agenda and watch out. and we need to stop making them all look like ignorant, toothless, overall-wearing slobs, no matter how fun it is. it's not helping us out any.

viva el mono!

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Anonymous said...

Uhm, actually my experience has been that those I've met that DO believe in intelligent design DO tend to be toothless. Really. God's truth. And maybe they ought to be removed from the gene pool.

I'm kidding! Mostly. (~Tonya)