Thursday, January 12, 2006

i am SO fashion-forward

in todays nytimes, there's an article on the return of the slip. i'm not much of a lady, but i have always worn a slip under a skirt. always. my roommate sometimes makes fun of me for being old-fashioned when she sees a bit of it peek out of the vent of my skirt, but i say girls who wear skirts or dresses without slips are whores. i'm only joking of course, but it does irritate me that they're thought of as old-fashioned when really, they're just so pretty. they serve a purpose too, making skirts sit nicely on your body, making it so that if you're wearing tights the skirt doesn't stick, and becoming a nightie if, end up not at your house when it's time to sleep. if you've ever seen down by law, the scene where ellen barkin gets mad at tom waits and she's in their crap-hole apartment in a slightly torn slip and messy eye make-up, you know just how hot a slip can be. i knew that before the nytimes tried to tell me.

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