Friday, January 06, 2006

moving on out

i've used typepad for two years. two years. it's a service i pay for, and even pay a bit more for just so i can customize the way my page looks. the first year was great, but lately typepad goes in and out all the time, moblogging doesn't work, and the spam is unbearable at times. blogger is free, so even if it goes in and out, i'm not paying for it. that sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

typepad can kiss my ass.


Will said...

It's about time somebody took a stand. And this is the perfect way to do it.

Personally, I would get out of TypePad here and now, if not for the fact that I just received a "Pro" account as a gift, and therefore it would be somewhat rude. Still, I'm thinking of using Blogger for an offical "back-up blog" for times when I am fed up with TypePad, or when TypePad is fed up with working.

milk and cake said...

yes, having a free pro account makes typepad probably a lot less annoying. i would stay over there if i didn't have to work with idiots to make the money to have it crap out on me. amazing how when you make your money working with morons how protective you get of it!