Monday, January 09, 2006

stupidity rules

this sign is in the bathroom. evidently you shouldn't flush food (like sandwiches!) or large materials (like babies!) down the toilet. the fact that they need this sign in the bathroom just shows you the sorts of assclowns i work with.

my urine test is tomorrow. how do you study for something like that?

my knitting group was tonight, and i got some work done on some last-minute baby gear for my sister. i also think i might have accidentally had a drink with caffeine with it. we'll know for sure if i never sleep again. and i'm going to mention this even though it will just prove to you how evil and small i really am, but while most of the women who do the knitting group are lovely, there was one there tonight who just grated my nerves. it's hard to explain exactly, but she was just a little too forward. she told us we were going to have to teach her how to x and y, and that she'd done this and that and blah blah blah, and i was like "dude, we just met. bring it down a notch." it reminded me of my sister and her tendency to say to me, "inside voice!" it's true when i get excited i get a bit loud and fast-talking, but if i ever, ever, ever act like this girl please kill me. she asked for my number at the end of the group and i told her i never use the phone, and i gave her my email address. the thought of her calling me made my insides curdle like milky badness.

there you have it. i'm obsessed with my civil liberties, the way urinalysis can be used against the average joe (what if they find out i'm diabetic and then don't hire me because of insurance premiums?), and whether or not i am too loud in public. i'm pretty sure i'm not going to sleep tonight and my roommate keeps bugging me because she says i'm "down" and i don't know how to tell her "i just don't feel like hanging out" and how annoyed i am that she psychoanalizes me at every single fucking turn and any second now i'm going to be an aunt again! i'm going to watch some pbs documentary now and knit some more. knitting will make it better, right?


Joolie said...

We just have a sign asking us not to drop our crumpled paper towels on the floor, which of course makes me want to rip them all out of the dispenser and twirl around while I fling them everywhere.

And this doesn't happen in the ladies', fortunately, but my male coworker reports he has seen beard trimmings and spaghetti in the toilet and tobacco dip in the sink.

snowballinhell said...

She's going to send you email, you know she is. And then what? ACK! Pretend you never got it. (Yes, I am evil and must be destroyed. It's my trademark.)

Kristi said...

You weren't alone in your thoughts about that particular person in attendance last night. I found it kind of interesting how no one came forward offering to teach her those techniques. But, we've been misused as a place for free knitting lessons before and had no trouble letting be known that we weren't there for that so if she wasn't scared off this week, I'm guessing it won't be too long before she is.