Saturday, January 14, 2006

i am so full if you pushed on my tummy, i'd puke. honest.

i had sushi tonight! so much sushi that i'm totally stuffed to the gills. by the time this gorgeous roll showed up, i was too full to even try it. and it was full of things i love, like seaweed salad, shitake mushrooms, and asparagus. instead of eating it, i took it's picture. go ahead, feel sorry for me now. i'm so full that i'm even sort of hot right now. you know that feeling? like there is too much inside your stomach, and therefore you have to take everything outside of you off? is it just me? in any case, all the sushi we ate tonight was good, and i had a delicious little seaweed salad and felt right at home. it's been a while since i felt that way.

before sushi i went to see memoirs of a geisha with some friends. i've read the book, and just in case you were thinking about reading it, don't. it's super-boring. okay, not the most boring thing ever, but it was a dry read. the movie was a lot more fun to watch than the book was to read; very lovely and sweeping and historical, and aside from a few nerdy details that were omitted that annoyed me i liked it more than i thought i would. the costumes were gorgeous, and i get a huge kick out of beautiful japanese textiles. the thing is, even simple, everyday japanese outfits are amazing. i was also really excited to see pumpkin, she was in mystery train and once i realized it was her i was super excited. (anyone who has ever been in a jim jarmusch film is automatically one of my favorite actors.) i did think it was a bit too happy-hollywood-ending, but sometimes even that's okay.

this might crack you up a bit, but i thought rob marshall was the same as garry marshall and i couldn't figure out how the guy who did mork and mindy could make the switch to a historical drama. at least i had the last name right.

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