Sunday, January 15, 2006


i am not the only one who was bugged by king kong. one of my favorite science bloggers felt the same way too, and even though i'm not nearly as smart as he is, i have to say i feel extra-smart today.

also, i am still full from last night. is that even physically possible?

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kristykay said...

I liked that review, and upon retrospect, I can agree with all his points, but does it make me a push-over to also say that I loved all the monster fight scenes on the island? And also I'm glad they dropped the orphaned-stowaway/dead protector plot line, and honestly felt they should have just scrapped that whole thing to tighten up the movie. I say with a movie like King Kong, more monsters and less moralizing is the way to go. That being said, Peter Jackson did go a little fan-boy in this movie, and I hope he can reign it in for his next one and give us something a little smaller and less hedonistic.

And did King Kong make you cry? Because I did, like three times. Mostly when they capture him on the island. And the New York stuff was just awesome.