Friday, January 20, 2006

my nose is real dry

a post, in the form of a list because i accidentally got sort of tipsy:
  1. the air is so dry the inside of my nose is sandpaper. you think i'm joking, but i could sand your night stand with my nostrils.
  2. i had drinks with kids from work. when was the last time i did that? months ago. i'd like to say that's because i haven't had a real job in months, but really, it's because sometimes i'm socially autistic.
  3. nina totenberg on the colbert report: she's not a brunette! i thought she was one of us. instead, she looks like mayim bialik's mom. i was wrong, but she is still so ridiculously adorable. and on NPR! i might need to get a new degree, so i can also be on the radio.
  4. i took a lot of photos today, because it was my last day at work. i wasn't worried about anyone catching me or making fun of me.
  5. i got the kids at work to also go out for lunch, and we went to a remarkably good chinese buffet. they had a dim sum table, complete with sticky rice and hom bao. i was a happy, full girl.
after listening to the life aquatic all week, i think i might need to watch it again as well. i've only seen it once this month, and that's not enough!

....dammit. i ran into an episode of mtv's made, which normally i hate hate hate, but this one is about this extra-sweet goth girl trying to become a beauty pageant contestant. being a teenager can be really hard, and this show makes me think about that, and also how that made me the amanda i am now. high school was crazy and uncomfortable for me, and seeing this girl go through some of that makes me alternately weepy and cheerful. do you know anyone who had it easy in high school that didn't end up being a total asshole? i didn't think so. this girl is so sweet, so lovely and wonderful that part of me hopes that she succeeds, and then there's this part of me that hopes she stays exactly like she is. regardless of how goth or not she is, she's a wonderful girl. if she wants to do this, i want it for her, at the same time i want her to be exactly who she is.

don't let me drink beer and watch mtv anymore, okay?

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