Thursday, January 12, 2006

the sandwich of DOOM

the other day in the car i found a bag of what used to be sandwich fixings. from sandwiches dave and i made in utah. that was a few states back and a few months ago. they had been bologna sandwiches, but fortunately i got rid of the bologna part and there was only a loaf of bread that was four times its normal size the mold was so thick, and some processed cheese slices that were perfectly preserved.

i thought to myself, "hey, maybe i should clean the car out." today at lunch i took it to a wash-it-yourself place, cleaned out the trash and gave abby a good scrub. she looks so nice and sparkly now! while the rainbow foam was lovely and vaguely fruit-scented, i wondered why they bothered to make it rainbow. i mean, really, what's the point? does rainbow foam encourage the stoner population to clean their crs more often, and is that demographic that car washes actively court? is it to curry favor with clowns who need to clean their clown-mobiles? do a lot of five-year old girls in love with rainbows and unicorns beg mommy to take them to the car wash? what am i missing? what's ironic is that the car was not stinky while the bread was growing its lusterous coat, but once i disturbed it from its hiding spot, you could definitely smell it. i had to leave the back windows cracked for the rest of the day while i worked, so it could air out. you will be glad to know that the car smells fine now, so if i have to drive you around, don't be scared.

this is my mp3 player, pierre. he's a creative zen micro, and i have access to a label maker at work. therefore, he has a nametag. as does my water bottle, my files, my organizer, and anything else that stands still or is moderately inanimate.

pierre and i have been inseperable lately. my favorite thing to do is make up random playlists and plug in, i find i get a lot more done that way. today's mix was neutral milk hotel, the shins, and pavement. it was an indie rock cocktail, mildly pretentious but oh so satisfying. another good one is the decemberists, the arcade fire, and spoon. (why did it take me so long to discover spoon? there are years that i'll never get back.) speaking of the decemberists, this article in the stranger about colin meloy was great. any day now my new decemberists shirt will be here, and i can't wait!

p.s. i just watched home movie, made by the same guy that did american movie, and you should really see it. it's one of the strangest documentaries i've ever seen. it cheers me up and sort of makes me sad too. also, it's heavy on the hippies.


'Thought & Humor' said...
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Dr. Mystery said...

Thank god that picture is car wash foam. After reading the title and first sentence of your post, I was under the horrific but somehow weirdly satisfying impression that the photo was what your old sandwich fixings had become.

dm said...

bologna in utah!

also, ewww.

Will said...

Good luck with your Creative Zen Micro, Pierre. As you may or probably not have read on my blog, my own Zen Micro, Mitchell, had to be sent in for repairs twice in the course of a year. So, you can understand why I'm so glad that I got a brand new iPod for Christmas.

Also, I've decided to give you the rank of "authority on music." I've already got one of those, but I think it's good to have more than one. Anyway, I'm soon going to check out one of the bands you named (probably The Decemberists, though maybe Pavement), and if I like that (as I expect I will) you can be sure that you'll hold that rank forever. If you don't mind my pestering, any particular albums that should have high priority for me, perhaps?

Penny said...

I think I see jesus in that foam! ... or darth vader....