Friday, January 20, 2006

psst...hey, you!

um, i'm not actually working today at work, so you could, you know, email me or comment or something. you know, to help pass the time. i'm not going to beg for it, this is just a suggestion.

also these are songs on the musak that i will not miss ever and hope to never hear again:

  1. falling, alicia keys. goddamn i hate that song. i mean, i seriously hate it. i loathe it. i wish it would go to hell and never come back. alicia might be a nice enough girl, but that song is just so damn awful.
  2. walking in memphis, by the guy who got shot in the head. they play that at least once a day, and while i had a huge soft spot in my heart for memphis thanks to mystery train, now i'm not sure i'd ever go there. oh wait, i would. they have po' boys there, which i'm pretty sure is the king of all sandwiches. sandwiches are by far my favorite food.
  3. lady marmalade, by the slutcakes. the original was fun and campy and ridiculous, but making it over with a bunch of girls showing us their vaginas was uneccesary.
  4. any and all boy band songs. i just can't get into power ballads sung by boys prettier than me. can't do it. although whenever i hear 98degrees i feel bad for nick. not too bad, seeing as he has lots of money and will always get to say he took jessica's virginity (which should get him bragging rights for the next fifteen minutes), but i do feel sort of bad for him. he seems like a nice enough guy.
  5. sugar ray! whores, all of them. songs so bad they get stuck in your brain like those ear-buggies from star trek: wrath of khan. there are so many of their song out there, too. lying in wait to hurt you.


Anne said...

pssst.... I made a pie instead of working today! Apple, it smells really good!

Kristi said...

We're going to watch Mystery Train this weekend. I just went and rented Life Aquatic and Mystery Train. I'm not sure which we'll watch tonight, but I think I'm only up for one...

Thea's SoapBox said...

i concur on all the songs you mentioned. especially the slutcakes song.gahhhhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

[rick flair]Whoooaaaaaao![/rick flair]


Penny said...

Well I guess I'll take this opportunity to give career advice. I won't be the least bit offended if you ignore my advice of course. So, I think you do one of two things:

1.) Be a teacher. You love kids and you would have the summers free.

2.) Become a systems analyst. You are logical and detailed and the money is pretty good.

Okay, I'm done now.

dm said...

I don't know if I can take your dislike of boy bands seriously. you keep going on about fall out boy and chemical romance and if those aren't boy bands I don't know what are. they even have the choreographed dance moves.

ps. tell your sister to hurry up with the baby. she sure is taking her sweet time.