Saturday, January 07, 2006

notes on blogger

i have to say, using blogger is a bit more work than typepad. at the same time, i've probably learned more about html and coding in one night than i have in the last two years of my blogging life. i can live with that! it's actually pretty fun. of course, moving my links to this site is going to be a bit of a pain in the ass. i'm not sure what to do with my old typepad posts, either. i might just save them all as a word document for posterity (ha ha) and start all over again here. worse things could happen. it will take a while to cut and paste and copy all of that writing, but i feel bad about it all just going away. it's not my version of war and peace, by any means, but it's a significant part of my life in writing.

also, here is more proof that pat robertson is the fucking devil. after what he said about assassinating hugo chavez, and now this, i think we should think seriously about taking him about. i was talking to my mom about him last night, and what he said about ariel sharon, when i said maybe he said it after a coke-fueled drug binge in which he and GW were snorting blow off a hooker's ass. i could hear mom start to laugh, then the phone died. she called me right back and said, "you know they're listening to us and don't like you talking about assassinating pat robertson or the thing about hooker's asses and coke!" she's probably right. hey NSA, we should take out pat roberston and when was the last time you caught georgie with a white nose? no fly list, here i come!

one last thing, no one i work with knew who ariel sharon is. i asked someone, "how long do you think sharon has?" i got the blank look and they said, "who?" i said, "ariel sharon." "who?" "the prime minister of israel?" "yeah, i don't watch the news." oh, that's nice. idiot.

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what's that one site with the odds on celebrities and their death days?