Saturday, January 07, 2006

nothing helpful to say

i read about poor sharyn and her family this morning, and it made me so sad. after all they went through already during the pregnancy, this is just heartbreaking.

it made me think of my cousin, and her first son. he died during childbirth, for no apparent reason. the whole family had been so excited about him, i even learned how to knit because he was on his way. when my mother called that morning to tell me the news, it took forever to sink in. i remember just sitting there with the phone in my hand saying, "what?" after nine ordinary months, no sign of anything strange, he was just gone. i cried for days. it was so hard to imagine anything bad happening to him. my aunt and uncle were just so sad, i had never seen them like that. it was awful. the day he died was new year's eve, and i've never celebrated since. it just doesn't seem okay.

having never had a baby of my own, i can't honestly say i know what it feels like to lose a child. i do know that it hurts the whole family, and that i'm thinking about sharyn and hoping hoping hoping this gets better. i wish i had something to say that could make it all better, something i could do to help, other than offer my condolences.

also, i officially broke up with typepad today.


Joe said...

God, I feel so horrible. Here's hoping the rest of their ordeal is over quickly and they can start healing.

I'm sending lots of good wishes their way over the wires...

Sharyn said...

Thanks guys. I am home from the hospital now and just trying to take it all in. It's going to be a while. But at least I've got my little man (I couldn't get through this without him), the husband, and a decent support network.