Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i'm going to just post ALL DAY LONG

i put in two movies tonight: the first was so incredibly, ridiculously awful that i turned it off after twenty minutes. i picked it out because i have this crush on vincent d'onofirio and am geeky enough to love all things sherlock. because of my nerdy-ness, i hated just about everything i saw. the accents: terrible. the sets: retarded. the storyline: laughable. and the dialouge was the worst because it wasn't even remotely authentic. the second they used the term "hunch" i thought, "oh this is like the awful love-child of columbo and encyclopedia brown. with bad accents." off it went.

next on the list was all about eve. i keep thinking i haven't seen it, but i have. a few times. how can i be so retarded that i forget that? in any case, it's a great film. i miss bette davis. she was complicated and unusual and smart and all those things were considered good things. is it just that there are no women who are as great as bette anymore, or is that those qualities she had aren't as valued? regardless, we have her great movies. yay for them! (and the costumes are delicious as well.)


Sharyn said...

If you're looking for a good Vincent D'Onofrio film, look no further than Happy Accidents. I lurve that movie.

Anonymous said...

I think that today's "complicated and unusual and smart" is now defined as "difficult", which irritates my soul. I think of Debra Winger. I always thought was was a super actor, but she dared to have opinions and let them be known. The asshats in charge didn't much like that. Don't hear about her much anymore, and I think it's a real shame. ~T.

minnie said...

have you seen "now, Voyager" with bette davis? omg that is one of my favorite movies.