Friday, January 27, 2006

mr. david

i didn't think i liked curb your enthusiasm, based on the snippets i've seen, but then they had it at the library so i rented it anyhow. i am a sucker for free television show dvd's at the library. if it's there, i will rent it. i expected to not like it that much, and just do some knitting instead, but it's actually really funny. i'm not getting much else done.

also, i am very, very, seriously bored. which is retarded because i don't feel like doing anything to start with. i just want to hide out in my room (which i'm doing, dreams do come true!), but i sort of wish there were some people here to entertain me and amuse me. if only i were more exciting.

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Dr. Mystery said...

I can see why that show wouldn't work in snippets, because it relies so much on slowly building up momentum and a familiarity with the characters, but I love it so, so, so much. It's also taught me that I am, deep down, a selfish prick, because I am usually completely sympathetic to Larry David's character. I would say that I am on his side 90% of the time.